The reason:

‘Business innovation’ and ‘self innovation’ are much alike: both are concerned with successfully adapting to change. I believe the future of service design will happen in organisations in which individuals have developed what I call ‘self-innovation’: a creative way of developing personal leadership.

When faced with a serious health crisis, I discovered that the recovery process of silence, exploration and experiment showed a 1 on 1 match with the DT process. My conclusion was that the wisdom for coping with change is already inside of us. And what is already there, can be discovered!

The workshop:

How do people in organisations build the resilience to deal with innovation, and therefore change? Behavioural change starts with a higher knowledge of the self. Flexible organisations are built on resilient people. This workshop is to explore the use of DT as a future methodology for HR.

In this workshop people put themselves at the centre of the design challenge. What happens if we view ourselves as ’the customer’ and our life as the ‘service’ to design?

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